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Building-Wide Events

At Pres House Apartments, building a tightly-knit, supportive community is one of our top priorities. Throughout the year, we facilitate events and activities that bring residents together and provide opportunities for community building and personal growth.

In addition to the activities and events listed below, past events have included:

  • “Welcome Back” Pizza & Ice Cream Social
  • Pumpkin Carving / Halloween Party
  • Exam Hospitality

Check out the calendar below, like our Facebook page or follow us on Instagram @phapartments to stay up to date on these and other building-wide events at Pres House Apartments.

“Pres House Apartments is not only a community of people living in the same place, but more importantly, a place where the value of ‘community’ is built.”

-Former Resident

Drop-In Community Dinners

Drop-in Community Dinners are one of our most popular building-wide events. One Thursday of each month, we invite Pres House Apartment residents to stop by the Lower Hall for a free and informal dinner, typically prepared by our talented chef, Laura Andrews. Community Dinners provide the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with roommates, as well as to get to know new neighbors.

Pres House drop in community dinner icon

Afternoon Tea

Ever miss after-school snacks? We sure do. That’s why we instated Afternoon Tea, a social gathering held each Wednesday in the Pres House Lobby. Enjoy free snacks, beverages, and conversation with your fellow residents and Ginger, our Director of Residential Community. Afternoon Tea provides the perfect excuse to take a well-earned, mid-week break from studying to relax and connect with friends!

Pres House afternoon tea and conversation icon

Get to Know the Director of Residential Community

Ginger, our Director of Residential Community, is eager to get to know residents, and to provide support residents may need as they learn to balance their academic and personal lives. Struggling with a roommate or family member? Having difficulty adjusting to life in college? Ginger provides a friendly and safe environment to talk through these and any issues residents face.

Ginger organizes the apartment’s building-wide events and activities, so if you have feedback or suggestions for additional events, stop by her office! Ginger’s office is on the west end of the 6th floor, and you can typically find her there Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm. Or, you can reach her by email:

Hello my name is Ginger

Pres House Church Activities

Before diving into a description of Pres House Church Activities, we should answer a frequently-asked question:

Do I need to be religious or a member of Pres House Church to live at Pres House Apartments?

The answer is no. Not only do you NOT need to be a member of Pres House Church to live at Pres House Apartments, you do not need to have any religious affiliation. We are open to residents of any religious background (or none at all).

For those who would like to participate in activities at Pres House Church, there are many options available to you: attending Sunday worship, joining a Bible study, and going on a church retreat are just a few church-related activities that might interest you. Visit for more info.


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