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Support Intentional Living Scholarships at Pres House Apartments

Since opening in 2007, Pres House Apartments has endeavored to be more than just a place for students to lay their head and store their stuff. We support and encourage residents through building-wide programs and a variety of purposeful living programs. Engagement with these programs has grown steadily and now more than 35% of residents are involved. Since 2010 we’ve given away more than $545,000 in scholarships! Help support our programs and donate today!

So many are interested in these programs that we cannot meet the demand. We need your help!

Support Intentional Living
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These programs work:

  • 86% of surveyed residents report that through our programs they TRIPLE the number of people they know in our building from fall to spring.
  • Program participants gained more interpersonal connections and were more likely to return to Pres House for a subsequent year.
  • 81% of our Next Step sober living participants remain in recovery & are enrolled in college or have graduated, equating to over $300,000 in societal savings.

We need your help to provide scholarships for all the residents who want to participate in these programs. You can make a tax-deductible donation online using the secure link below or with a check made out to Pres House and mailed to 731 State St. Madison, WI 53703. $1000 provides funding for a resident for the entire year. Gifts of any amount are helpful! Thank you!

Please click the button below to make your donation.

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