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Scholarship Programs

We understand the cost of apartment living, which is why we offer rent scholarships for residents who participate in programs that embody our mission and values. This year we are giving away more than $80,000 in scholarships and program funds to over 80 residents.

Our scholarship programs are a win-win: they also give residents unparalleled ways to connect with peers and discover new, meaningful experiences. 94% of 2018-19 scholarship participants report a positive experience, and frequently cite these programs as a highlight of Pres House Apartments.

Click the icons below to learn how each unique program serves residents’ differing interests, experiences, and needs. For more info, email the coordinators: or, or fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.

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“[Pres House] is different from other apartments in that it strives to bring people together to make meaningful connections, promote self-growth and reflection, and encourage its residents to try or learn something new.”

-Former Resident

Community Engagement Opportunities

Do you want to think intentionally about how you spend your time?  Need a reason to prioritize that new skill, volunteer project, or wellness practice you’ve been putting off?  Do you enjoy trying new things, helping others, and connecting with your neighbors?  Our CEO (Community Engagement Opportunities) Program includes a $75/month scholarship for self-guided activities across four areas: Community, Service, Learning, and Wellness.

Each activity earns points depending on time and investment. Between the start of the leasing year and May 15, participants are asked to accumulate 500 points (~20 hours). Some additional examples of program activities include:

  • Meeting fellow residents over beverages and snacks at Afternoon Tea (25 pts)
  • Volunteering at a local food pantry or soup kitchen (25-100 pts)
  • Attending a lecture, performance or presentation not required by a class (25-50 pts)
  • Taking up a new wellness or spiritual practice such as a yoga class, meditation, prayer, or a martial art (25-100 pts)

The more detailed Program Participation Guide can be found here, including additional activity examples and guidelines.

How Can I Sign Up?
CEO fills on a first come first served basis; there is no written application.  Fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page to get in touch regarding this program.  CEO has moved to a waitlist for the 2021-22 leasing year.  Reach out to get on the waitlist!

Managed by Coordinator of Residential Programs.

Scholars Program

If you’re on an individual lease, new to the building, or just want to get to know more residents at Pres House, check out our Scholars Program!  This program includes a $75/month scholarship, and participants attend once-a-month social, educational, or service activities as a group. Examples of past activities include:

  • Attending a start-of-school dinner to meet fellow program participants
  • Participating in a service project in Madison
  • Visiting a corn maze in the fall
  • Learning mindfulness and meditation practices

How Can I Sign Up?
This program fills quickly! We grant only 12-14 Scholars Program scholarships per year.  Scholars sign up on a first come first served basis; there is no written application.  The Scholars Program has moved to a waitlist for the 2021-22 leasing year.  Reach out to get on the waitlist!

Fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page to get in touch regarding this program.

Managed by Coordinator of Residential Programs.

Micro-Community Program

Is your apartment group looking for a scholarship to do together?  Do you love diving into discussions, and immersing yourself in a project with friends who share your passions?  You and your roommates are perfect candidates to be a Micro-Community!

Micro-Communities apply as a group, and earn $50-75/month per member to explore a specific theme or topic of their choosing throughout the year. Group members share leadership and meet on their own at least once a month for learning and activities around their topic, reporting their progress to the program coordinator.  Micro-Communities also organize an event or initiative for the PH Apartments community at least 1-2 times during the year. In addition to their individual scholarships, Micro-Communities receive a modest budget for supplies and other expenses related to their initiatives.  Detailed program guidelines can be found here.

Your topic might be one that spreads awareness across cultures to encourage global citizenship, investigates a social topic or issue (in Madison, the US, or global…), works to support student and resident wellness, or much more.  Most important is that your topic is specific, and compelling to all your members.  You can read about previous Micro-Community themes and their reflections on our blog!

Funding is set aside each year for a wellness-oriented Micro-Community due to the popularity and importance of the topic.  Wellness Micro-Communities may work together more with PH Apartments staff to support existing building-wide wellness initiatives.

How Can I Apply?

Interested groups may submit a completed Micro-Community Application to the Coordinator of Residential Programs.  Funding is awarded, after an interview, based on the strength of each proposal and the order in which they are received.  Micro-Communities usually consist of 4-8 members from the same apartment.  Micro-Community applications are now CLOSED for the 2021-22 leasing year!

Managed by Coordinator of Residential Programs.


What backgrounds and identities make you you? How do gender and sexuality factor into lived experience? How do we learn from our similarities and celebrate our differences?

FACETS is an inclusive, affirming scholarship group focused on understanding and respecting the diversity of human gender and sexual orientation, and how these intersect with factors such as race, culture, spirituality and more. Members earn a $75/month rent scholarship to participate in various conversations and events around this theme, approximately monthly, jointly facilitated by program staff Ginger and Becca.

FACETS is geared towards residents in the LGBTQ+ community, as well as interested allies, and is open to residents of any and every identity, any national, cultural or racial heritage, any beliefs and backgrounds.

How Can I Apply?
Individuals who are interested in applying to the FACETS program can contact Becca Bedell (she/her/hers), Coordinator of Residential Programs (, or fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.  FACETS applications have moved to a waitlist for the 2021-22 leasing year.

Co-managed by Director of Community Initiatives and Coordinator of Residential Programs.

Future Focus

“So, what are your plans after college?” asks your well-meaning great aunt (or sister or parent or next door neighbor…). Participating in the Future Focus program will help you explore your answer.

Residents in Future Focus meet throughout the year (10-12 times in total) to discuss their interests, talents and strengths, and to decide how these will serve them after college. Participants will share how their personal values or faith informs and guides their aspirations and plans for the future.

This program, which is open to any resident and includes a $75/month scholarship, challenges participants to consider the value of paid work compared to the value of work “donated” for the betterment of society (volunteer work). Future Focus participants are also encouraged to discuss personal finances and the relationship between money and values.

In some years, Pres House Apartments has helped place residents in year-long, part-time internships with local faith-based service organizations around Madison, through an initiative called Badger Faith and Service Corps, under the Future Focus umbrella.  If you are interested in exploring this type of internship as part of your Future Focus journey, contact

How Can I Apply?
Fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page to get in touch regarding this program.   Future Focus applications are now CLOSED for the 2021-22 leasing year.

Managed by Director of Community Initiatives.

Next Step Sober Living

What is a sober living community?

A sober living community at Pres House Apartments is made up of individuals who:

  • Actively commit to their own recovery from substance use disorder/substance addiction
  • Maintain their own recovery program (eg: attend a 12-step group, counseling, or other recovery activities)
  • Agree to maintain an alcohol and drug-free environment* in the apartment
  • Are willing to offer support to others on the same path
  • Sign an individual lease with Pres House Apartments and sign the Next Step Program Agreement
  • Participate in Pres House Apartment community activities (both Next Step-specific activities and building-wide events)
  • Remain in good academic standing, gainfully employed, or involved in community or volunteer service
    (*Prescription medications are allowed with proper documentation and when taken as prescribed.)

Participants in Next Step are eligible to receive a rent scholarship that reduces rent by 20% per month. Next Step program  also organizes activities that support the program values; examples include personal skill building, organizing recreational outings, or participating in community service opportunities.

 Take the Next Step:

  • Fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page to get in touch regarding this program
  • Meet with the Director of Community Initiatives, to discuss program requirements
  • Set up a tour of Pres House Apartments with the Leasing Manager (mention your interest in Next Step)
  • Fill out the Next Step application; interview with program participants; sign the Next Step Agreement
  • Sign an individual lease within 14 days of being accepted into the program (you will share a 4 bedroom apartment with  other Next Step residents)

*Please note that Pres House Apartments is not a substance-free facility. Those new to recovery should consider a transitional living program or IOP prior to applying to Next Step at Pres House Apartments.

Managed by Director of Candid & Community Initiatives.

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