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Next Step Sober Living

What is a sober living program?

The sober living program at Pres House Apartments is housed in a shared 4 bedroom apartment and is made up of individuals who:

  • Are committed to their own recovery from substance use disorders
  • Participate in recovery related activities (eg: attend a 12-step group, counseling, or other recovery programs)
  • Agree to maintain an environment free of alcohol and illicit drugs in the apartment
  • Are willing to offer support to others in the unit who are in recovery
  • Sign an individual lease with Pres House Apartments (including co-signer form and security deposit) and sign the Next Step Program Agreement
  • Participate in Next Step cohort meetings and activities and Pres House building wide activities as schedule allows
  • Proactive in: seeking or pursuing educational opportunities, employment or service activities as appropriate to individual’s circumstance

Participants in Next Step are eligible to receive a rent credit of 20% per month for successful program participation.

 Take the Next Step:

  • Fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page to get in touch regarding this program
  • Meet with the Director of Residential Community, to discuss program requirements
  • Set up a tour of Pres House Apartments with the Leasing Manager (mention your interest in Next Step)
  • Fill out the Next Step application; if admitted, sign the Next Step Agreement
  • Sign an individual lease within 14 days of being accepted into the program (you will share a 4 bedroom apartment with  other Next Step residents)

*Please note that Pres House Apartments is not a substance-free facility. Those new to recovery should consider a transitional living program prior to applying to Next Step at Pres House Apartments. Next Step will consider every applicant in active recovery; applicants with 6-9 months of sustained recovery are best suited for our level of support.

Get in touch to learn more!

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