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Coordinator of Residential Programs

Pres House is seeking a dynamic individual to join our staff team as our Coordinator of Residential Programs. The Coordinator will provide leadership and momentum for residential programs at the Pres House Apartments consistent with the values of the program and with the goal of:

  • Offering residents an experience of gracious welcome and connection
  • Invite residents to identify and use their gifts
  • Improve the capacity of residents to interact with people different from them
  • Invite residents to cultivate wellness in the community

This will be accomplished by:

  • developing, promoting, planning, and evaluating many of the community and scholarship programs at Pres House Apartments;
  • interacting proactively with residents to extend warm and gracious welcome;
  • and through building supportive interpersonal rapport.

This position requires a person with experience and enthusiasm for working with college-aged young adults, willing to take initiative and work independently on program planning, and who can work collaboratively to contribute to achieving mission outcomes.

Preference will be given to persons with strong cross-cultural competencies and who are committed to inclusive practices. Bachelor’s degree required. This is a full-time position not expected to live on-site. Competitive compensation and benefits package. Full position description is available here.

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