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Scholarship Programs

We understand the significance of shouldering the cost of apartment living, which is why we offer scholarships for residents who participate in programs that embody our mission and values. Next year, we plan on offering over $70,000 in scholarships to 60+ residents.

Each program has its own specific character and is geared toward students with different interests, backgrounds and needs. Click on the icons below to learn about our six scholarship programs. For more info, email or fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Community Engagement Opportunities

Do you value community service and enjoy spending time with people who prioritize helping others? Are you looking to establish a connection with your fellow residents at community-building events like Ice Cream Socials and Community Dinners? Our CEO (Community Engagement Opportunities) Program, which focuses on community, service, learning and spiritual exploration, includes a $75/month scholarship for participation in activities like these.

Each activity equates to points. Over the course of each semester, CEO participants are asked to accumulate 250 points. Some additional examples of program activities include:

  • Meeting fellow residents over beverages and snacks at Afternoon Tea (25 pts)
  • Volunteering at a local food pantry or soup kitchen (25-50 pts)
  • Attending a lecture, performance or presentation not required by a class (50 pts)
  • Taking a class on or practice meditation, prayer, mindfulness, yoga, or tai chi (50 pts)

How Can I Apply?
Additional information and examples of program activities can be found here. Fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page to get in touch regarding this program.

Scholars Program

If you’re new on campus, or just looking to develop close connections with your Pres House neighbors, check out our Scholars Program. This program, geared toward residents on individual leases, includes a $75/month scholarship, and asks that participants attend once-a-month educational, service or social activities. Examples of past activities include:

  • Attending a start-of-school dinner to meet fellow program participants
  • Participating in a service project in Madison
  • Visiting a corn maze in the fall
  • Watching a documentary and holding a discussion post-viewing

How Can I Apply?
This program fills quickly! We grant only 14 Scholars Program scholarships per year. Fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page to get in touch regarding this program.

Micro-Community Program

You’ve always been a passionate learner. Your interests run wide and deep. You relish studying climate change, the intersection of religion and politics, global economies, the origins of rituals and myths… YOU, my friend, are a perfect candidate for our Micro-Community Program.

This program, which includes a $100/month scholarship, gives residents sharing an apartment the opportunity to explore a theme or topic of their choosing throughout the academic year. In addition to their individual scholarships, Micro-Community participants receive a stipend to support activities and excursions related to their topic of interest.

Below are examples of past micro-community topics or themes:

  • Promoting global citizenship through exploration of cross-cultural communication
  • Considering controversial social topics in light of ethical, cultural or religious values
  • Evaluating the issues of poverty and homelessness in downtown Madison

How Can I Apply?
Additional information and application form here: Micro-Community Program App

Future Focus

“So, what are your plans after college?” asks your well-meaning great aunt (or sister or parent or next door neighbor…). After participating in our Future Focus program, you’ll finally have an answer.

Residents in Future Focus meet throughout the year (5 times per semester) to discuss their interests, talents and strengths, and to decide how these will serve them after college. Guest speakers will share experiences of drawing on both their values and gifts to further their professional lives.

This program, which is available to residents on individual leases and includes a $100/month scholarship, challenges participants to consider the value of paid work compared to the value of work “donated” for the betterment of society (volunteer work). Future Focus participants are also encouraged to discuss personal finances and the relationship between money and values.

How Can I Apply?
Fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page to get in touch regarding this program.

Badger Faith and Service Corps

Looking for an internship? This program places participants in a year-long, part-time internship with a local faith-based organization, where they gain practical, hands-on work experience and mentoring. Program participants, who together form the Badger Service Corps cohort, meet regularly to reflect on their internship experiences and to discuss how their values, strengths, personalities and faith will inform their future plans. Pres House staff facilitate discussion sessions and plan programs and activities for participants that enhance and complement their internship experience.

Internship Opportunities for 2018-19  

Residential Fellow: Pres House Apartments (description)
Submit resume & cover letter to
International Outreach Intern: 
Christ Presbyterian Church
Urban Impact Intern: Nehemiah Center for Urban Leadership 
Technology in Ministry Intern: Covenant Presbyterian Church
Outreach or Worship Intern: Pres House

10/1/17: leasing opens for the 2018-19 academic year
11/1/17:  review of internship applications for the 2018-19 academic year begins
**Positions filled on rolling basis**
8/16/18:  Pres House Apartment move-in day
Early September, 2018: Badger Service Corps residents begin internships

How Can I Apply?
Additional information and application form here: Badger Service Corps App

Read about this program in the Wisconsin State Journal and in the national Presbyterian News Service

Next Step Sober Living

What is a sober living community?

A sober living community at Pres House Apartments is made up of individuals who:

  • Actively commit to their own recovery from addiction to alcohol and/or other drugs
  • Regularly attend a 12-step group and/or individual/group counseling
  • Agree to maintain an alcohol and drug-free environment in the apartment
  • Are willing to offer support to others on the same path
  • Sign an individual, 12-month lease with Pres House Apartments and sign the Next Step Agreement
  • Participate in Pres House Apartment community activities (both Next Step-specific activities and broader, building-wide events)
  • Remain in good academic standing

Participants in Next Step are eligible to receive a rent scholarship that reduces rent by 20%/month. Next Step also receives funds from Pres House to organize activities that support the program values; examples include attending sporting events, organizing recreational outings, or participating in community service opportunities.

 Take the Next Step:

  • Fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page to get in touch regarding this program
  • Meet Ginger, the Director of Residential Community, to discuss program requirements
  • Set up a tour of Pres House Apartments with Li Ann, our Leasing Manager (mention your interest in Next Step)
  • Fill out the Next Step application; if admitted, sign the Next Step Agreement
  • Sign an individual lease within 14 days of being accepted into the program (you will live in a 4-bedroom apartment with 3 other Next Step residents)

*Please note that Pres House Apartments is not a substance-free facility. Students new to recovery should consider transitional living in a program such as Aaron’s House or Connect House prior to applying to Next Step at Pres House Apartments.

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