Community Engagement Opportunites

Pres House Apartments provides a home at the heart of campus and we encourage residents to take advantage of Community Engagement Opportunities (CEO).  

Participants in this program earn a $75 rent scholarship per month.

The Community Engagement Opportunities program is built around our community values:

  • Academic Success
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Community
  • Spiritual Exploration

Residents in this program are provided a menu of activities that are divided into four quadrants: Community, Service, Learning and Spiritual Exploration.

Each activity carries a point value. In the course of each semester participants are expected to complete activities whose value adds up to 250 points per semester and 500 points annually. In this way we hope to encourage healthy habits, growth, and connection.

Some examples of possible program activities include:


  • Get coffee or tea with a resident from another culture (25 pts)
  • Attend ph Apartment Ice Cream Social and meet your neighbors (50 pts)
  • Come to weekly Afternoon Tea and talk to someone new (25 pts)
  • Sit with residents you don’t know at Community Dinner and talk to them (50 pts)
  • Join a small group at Pres House Church (100 points)
  • Attend a social event hosted by ph Apartments or Pres House Church (Halloween Party, Christmas Party, Game Night) (75 pts)


  • One time service at a local food pantry or soup kitchen (25 -50 pts)
  • Volunteer for a Habitat for Humanity Build (25-50 pts)
  • Participate in service activity at Pres House Church or ph Apartments (25-50 pts)
  • Semester long volunteer commitment (100 pts)
  • Go on a spring break service trip (100)


  • Attend a workshop or presentation hosted by Pres House /ph Apts (75 pts)
  • Participate in the Race and Faith Event (100 pts)
  • Attend a lecture, performance or presentation that is not required by any class (50 pts)
  • Take a class to learn a new skill or take up a new hobby (sailing, taekwondo, pottery, dancing) (50-75 pts)
  • Show up for a ph Micro Community event or program (75 pts)

Spiritual Exploration

  • Attend Pres House Church Fall Retreat (100 pts)
  • Walk the Pres House Labyrinth during finals (25 pts.)
  • Visit a local faith community you have never  been to before (eg. Hillel, a local church, Buddhist meditation)
  • (75 pts.)
  • Take a class or practice meditation, centering prayer, mindfulness, yoga, tai chi (50 pts.)

How does it work?

  • Sign up with Director of Residential Community
  • DRC will audit progress throughout the year and assign points.
  • Complete at least one activity in every area/quadrant of menu.
  • Earn at least 200 points by end of fall semester to remain in good standing.
  • Anyone with fewer than 100 points by end of fall semester will be discontinued and scholarship revoked.  
  • Failure to earn any points will require repayment of any scholarship credits given.
  • Scholarship will be suspended if less than 200 points are earned in any semester until 200 points are reached.
  • Participants without 500 points by the end of May will have scholarship suspended until until 500 is reached or lease ends.

Community Engagement Opportunity

contact form for CEO program

For information or to request an application use the contact form above or visit Ginger Morgan’s office on the 6th floor of Pres House Apartments Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.